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PREORDER 3” x 3” Safety Spotter Arms by BRONSON

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BRONSON Safety Spotter Arms 3” x 3”

These Spotter Arms easily attach to your BRONSON Series Power Rack with 3" x 3" tubes or any other 3” x 3” racks with a 1” pin. The BRONSON spotter arms offer dependable protection for both the lifter and their equipment. The Spotter Arms include UHMW plastic liners to help prevent wear and tear on dropped barbells, as well as UHMW plastic within the clasp itself to protect the user’s upright. If you are using Spotter Arms on the outside of your rack, the rack MUST be bolted down, or have our Front Foot Extensions installed. The BRONSON Spotter arms - an absolute must-have for anyone who prefers to do hard training alone!


- Compatible with 3” x 3” racks, with 1” pin
- UHMW plastic to protect rack upright and barbell knurling
- Installs in seconds
- laser-cut numbering
- Black powder coat finish
- lip on the end to prevent the dropped bar from rolling off
- No hardware required
- Sold in Pairs


- Arm length: 24”
- Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs.
- Material: 11-gauge steel