Adjustable Monolift Attachment for 3" x 3" rack

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Adjustable Monolift Attachment For Squat Rack 

The monolift attachment design allows the counterweight handles to drop the hooks as soon as you take the bar. The hooks drop down out of the way so you can exercise in place without having to walk the bar out from the rack. Re-racking is just as easy, a short lean forward re-racks the bar and the adjustable monolift returns to its original position.


- Compatible with 3” x 3” racks, with 1” pin
- UHMW plastic to protect barbell knurling
- Installs in seconds
- Black powder coat finish
- Sold in Pairs


- Dimensions: 26”L x 16.5”H
- Weight: 25.5 lb each
- Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs