Adjustable Roman Chair / Hyper-Extension Bench by BRONSON

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Adjustable Roman Chair / Hyper - Extension Bench by BRONSON


Do you have lower back pain? Do you need one piece of equipment to train your entire core efficiently? And have you not got a Roman chair yet? In that case, it is time to get The BRONSON Roman Chair / HyperExtension Bench.

A HyperExtension bench is one of the most beneficial equipments which lets you exercise almost every part of your body efficiently. It is even accepted by physical therapists to treat clients to get rid of back pain, to rehab from injuries and to help them to correct their posture. It is a simple, yet efficient equipment which should be in all home gyms.


Adjustable to fit most users comfortably.

- 9 adjustable ratcheting thigh pad positions to accommodate varying user heights.

- 9 adjustable angles for increased versatility.

Black matte powder-coated finish.


- 400 lb capacity.

- Weight: 66 LB.

- Width: 32”

- Length: 46”