Stop Wasting Money on Unnecessary Gadgets and Fat Burning pills.UNNECESSARY GADGETS

Let’s talk about all of the exercise contraptions we see on TV. Why do we need to pay over $80 to perform an abdominal crunch? The abdominal crunch is perhaps the most simple exercise there is to target the abdominal muscles. Do we need a machine to help us do it? We think not! 

Ads for such gadgets promise abs in minutes a day. But did you ever read the fine print on the TV screen? It usually reads that the statements are true as long as you combine the exercise with a sensible diet-which brings us to the next point. You do not need to enslave yourself everyday to hours of abdominal work (only 5 to 10 minutes of ab work is sufficient). What really brings out the definition in your midsection is a sensible nutritional program combined with weight training and aerobic exercise. Together, these components burn fat in order for definition to appear. The abdominal work only builds the muscle covered by the fat. Besides, there is no way in which you can reduce the fat in only one section (spot reduction) without reducing it in the rest of your body. 

Once again why would you need to purchase an ab machine? To make the exercise simple? Exercise isn’t supposed to be easy! If you expect it to be, you can expect little or no results. Unless you are recovering from a back injury and are not yet strong enough to do a crunch by yourself, save your hard earned dollars for more meaningful things. All you need to perform an abdominal crunch is the right knowledge describing how to execute the exercise correctly and the floor. 

If one of the reasons for purchasing an ab machine includes the benefit of avoiding neck strain, this is also not a good reason. If you don't know what you are doing, you can strain your neck with or without the machine. 



We have all seen commercials that promise to eliminate fat by rubbing the latest cream discovered in some exotic locale.  We have talked with many guys who have used such products with no results. Good luck finding any real scientific research on the subject that proves these products work. Again, save your hard earned money. 

The only thing that eliminates fat from your body is a systematic approach to eliminating it through the nutritional practices we describe along with a training routine that is designed to tone and eliminate body fat from all angles. That is the only way that the battle of the bulge can be won. Don't let anybody mislead you. 



Why pay others every month to tell you what to do when you are fully capable of figuring it yourself? We have seen what most weight loss clinics offer and we are not impressed! Not only do you pay an unbelievable fee (sometimes on a monthly basis) to get a diet that may not be as efficient as it could be (most of these programs are low protein diets); some require you to buy special foods (provided by them, of course, on top of the initial fees they charge.) Others charge you by the pounds you lose. Hey, what a concept! You do the work and you get to pay someone else for your success! 


If what you want is health and permanent weight loss, don’t touch any kind of weight loss drugs. Most are very dangerous and can cause serious side effects such as heart problems and possibly death. Besides, once you stop using them you begin to gain all of the weight back. So what's the use? People criticize bodybuilders for using steroids and everybody preaches how dangerous they are. Well, using weight loss drugs (and this includes those formulas that claim to be natural but contain caffeine and ephedrine) is exactly the same thing! There is nothing different here; it’s using dangerous drugs in order to achieve a pleasing cosmetic effect. 

When Fen-Phen (The drug combination fenfluramine/phentermine) came out people flocked to their doctors to get a prescription. Unfortunately, many were given the drug despite the fact that research indicated that this drug combination had some serious side effects. The drug was soon pulled from the market.  The only solid and safe solution that takes the weight off permanently is the correct combination of diet, exercise and rest. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is full of it!  Therefore, once again, save your money, but more importantly, save your health.