Safety Squat Bar by BRONSON 1500 lb capacity


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BRONSON Safety Squat Olympic Bar 1500 LB capacity

The BRONSON Safety Squat Olympic Bar is the safe way to max out your squats and progress your workout to more weight. The padded shoulder and arm pads increase your comfort level at higher weights. In addition, the bent bar lowers the weight plates to stabilize your center of gravity. Hand grips allow you to control the bar during the lift and keeps you in control. 

If you are suffering from a shoulder injury and still want to be able to squat then a Safety Squat Barbell is a perfect option. The main advantage of SSB squat over a classic barbell squat is that it significantly decreases stress on the upper extremities, particularly the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. 

Many powerlifting champions recognize the superiority of SS bar over the traditional olympic barbell.

Here are some exercises, you can perform with SSB:

  • SSB Squat
  • Sumo Squat
  • Good Morning
  • Seated Good Morning
  • Front Lunge
  • Split Squats
  • Bulgarian Split Squat
  • Step-ups
  • Calf Raises
  • … and many more

The BRONSON Safety Squat Bar is made of 1.5" black zink solid steel shaft, with hard chrome sleeves. With a 1500lb of weight capacity it can handle any weight you throw at it. It is a very versatile piece of fitness equipment, it will get you strong, it will improve your lifts and technique.


- Shoulder and arm pads for a comfortable lift.
- 5" drop keeps the weight plates lower for a stabilized center of gravity and better balance.
- 6" hand grips for control when needed.
- The extra thick pad comes in one piece to prevent sliding on the bar while squatting.
- Hard chrome sleeves, black zinc shaft. Fits 2" Olympic Plates.

- Capacity: 1500 LB
- Weight: 66 LB
- Overall length: 86.6"
- Handle Spacing: 12.75”
- Shoulder Pad Spacing: 8"
- Bar Diameter: 1.5" solid steel shaft
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 13.5”
- Camber Drop: 5”
- Handle Angle: 22 Degrees


Customer Reviews

The best SSB in Canada
I've had the bar for a couple weeks now and I absolutely love the bar. I have used the EliteFTS SS Yoke bar in the past and it's very similar to the Bronson SSB. Plus the Bronson SSB has narrower spacing between the pads is so much cheaper than the Elite FTS which is over $1200 CAD when you add tax and shipping. The narrower spacing of the pads makes the Bronson a bit more comfortable compared to the Yoke Bar. If you are looking for a SSB that is sturdy and is comparable to the Yoke bar (actually better than the Yoke bar) and you live in Canada look no further! Review by Darian / (Posted on 2/21/2021)
Bronson SSB
Fantastic SSB. Purchased this bar almost 6 months ago and it has still held up well. Padding is firm yet grippy. What drew me towards this SSB bar is the singe one piece thick yoke pad, just like Elite FTS. I have used a Rogue safety squat bar for several months prior to this bar and I can safely say that this bar is superior in all aspects. Love to use this bar for not only squats but good mornings and even JM press. I was so happy there was a great SSB option for Canada, its my favourite piece of equipment! Review by Schon / (Posted on 10/10/2020)
I am happy with my purchase and I highly recommend it.
I looked at the EliteFTS SS Yoke, Kabuki Transformer Bar, Titan SSB version 2 and Premium SSB by Bell of Steel (BoS). The pricing plus shipping, GST and brokerage fee for the EliteFTS and Kabuki are easily over $1200 CAD and the waiting period are 3-4 weeks for EliteFTS and 8-9 weeks for Kabuki. Standard collar will not work with EliteFTS SS Yoke bar. Good bars but too expensive.

1) BoS seems to have some quality issue… some reviews on youtube (click below link).

Reviewed by Mitchell Smith Part 1

Reviewed by Mitchell Smith Part 2

Reviewed by Mitchell Smith Part 3

Reviewed by Kurtis Stadsvold

2) Titan Version 2 (Titan does not ship to Canada)

Reviewed by Garage Gym Reviews

Reviewed by Collin Whitney

Reviewed by Fitzeak Fitness

I believed Bronson, Titan and BoS SSBs are all from the same manufacturer. These SSBs’ are made of 1.5” solid steel shaft and each has its own sleeve option.

The Bronson SSB is a solid SSB. The single piece padding is thick and comfortable. The packaging is better than BoS. Athlos Fitness shrink-wrap the box and it does a good job protecting the box from breaking apart thus the bar is well protected.
Review by John / (Posted on 3/28/2020)
Best SSB option in Canada
This SSB is 10/10. Best SSB option in Canada IMO. Very comparable in spec to the Titan version. The pad comes in one solid piece, which is nice versus the Rogue version. This one is a no brainer - very happy with the quality and performance. Review by Derek / (Posted on 3/21/2020)
great safety bar
Extremely fast shipping I got the bar in 3 days (I'm in Sask.)
My buddy recommended this SSB to me, he has the same one. I am very happy with the purchase. Very comfy, heavy-duty, great product, highly recommend! Review by Zen 27 / (Posted on 12/10/2019)
Great SSB, great price
We bought this safety squat bar for Fitness 2000 in Burnaby and it is fantastic. The padding is firm and doesn't slip around. The handles are the correct angle. The bar is sturdy and getting lots of commercial gym use. We're happy with the purchase. The black zinc rubs/scratches off pretty fast where the bar meets the rack hooks, but that's probably expected and doesn't impede the performance of the bar. Review by Dennis / (Posted on 9/14/2019)
This bar is awesome, a real beast. Very nice padding, super comfortable on the neck and traps. I am glad I bought this. Absolutely love it. If you are serious about safety squats, look no further!!!

Best SSB on a market. Review by Doug / (Posted on 9/8/2019)
Best Value SSB on Market
Overall, I have to say that this is the best value Safety Squat Bar on the market. When shopping for an SSB, there were several key requirements I had in mind, and this bar met all of those requirements.

1: Design of Padding and Width Between the Handles

Many of the cheaper SSB bars on the market have padding that is in a “three-piece” design, meaning that the bar and each of the handles had its own separate pad. This is not optimal, because it means that each of the pads will likely wear down at a different rate. Furthermore, the handles on many cheap bars are quite wide apart, meaning that unless you have really wide shoulders (which sadly I do not), the bar will dig into your shoulders when you use it under load. In other words, many cheap SSB Bars can be quite uncomfortable to use, especially if you are a smaller lifter.

The Bronson SSB does not have these problems. It has a one-piece design so the padding is all together. The space between the side parts of the padding is also only eight inches, which I believe is the perfect width for a Safety Squat Bar, and is similar to that of the EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar (9 inches).

The Bronson SSB uses high-density foam for padding, and it feels great on my back. I don’t know how the padding will wear over the long-term, but it seems to be made of very high-quality material.

I also used the EliteFTS SS Yoke and the Kabuki Transformer Bar for one session at a gym a few hours away from home, and I have to say that the Bronson SSB padding was more comfortable than the EliteFTS SS Yoke I used and just as comfortable as the Kabuki Transformer Bar. However, the EliteFTS SS Yoke I was using did have some wear and tear, so that could be a reason why it felt less comfortable. Nonetheless, it is good to know that this bar holds up well to two of the most well-respected bars on the market.

2: Sturdiness of the Bar

The Bronson SSB is a really sturdy bar. The bar itself is an inch-and-a-half (38 mm) thick, and is rated to 1500 lbs. In other words, you are not going to have any whip when squatting with this bar, even if you are Ray Williams.

3: Design of the Camber

The camber of the bar is offset from the handles, just like the EliteFTS SS Yoke. This is the optimal design for Safety Squat Bars.

Many cheap Safety Squat Bars don’t have an offset camber, meaning that the handles are directly in line with the handles. This pushes the bar very far forward when squatting and makes the lift more like a front squat than a traditional SSB Squat.

4: Pricing and Shipping

The overall cost of this bar also makes this a great value. The total cost for me with shipping and GST was $452, making it quite affordable in comparison to the EliteFTS SS Yoke or the Kabuki Transformer Bar.

The regular price for the EliteFTS is $425 US, and the cost of shipping for me would have been more than the cost of the bar ($439 US). If you add in taxes and the currency conversion ($1.34 CAN per US at the time of my purchase), then the bar would have cost over $1200 Canadian! Ouch! If you are in Canada and your choice is between the Bronson SSB and the EliteFTS SS Yoke, choosing the Bronson SSB is a no brainer!

The Kabuki Transformer Bar is a very unique product and is arguably the best specialty bar on the market. However, cost is a significant issue. The regular price of the bar is $639 US, and the shipping estimate for me is $149.76 US with UPS Standard. With currency conversion and GST, this would bring the total cost to $1111.18 Canadian. The Kabuki Transformer Bar does seem like a great product, but it probably isn’t worth it for most lifters to spend that much money on a specialty bar. Personally, there are other pieces of gym equipment I would put that kind of money towards before considering a Kabuki Transformer Bar.

5: Other Comments

At the time I purchased this bar (June 20th, 2019), there were zero reviews for this bar, so I was very hesitant on purchasing it. However, I decided to go for because of the cost of other high-quality options on the market. Now that I have gotten some use out of the bar, I am very happy that I purchased it, and would highly recommend it to anyone in Canada looking for a Safety Squat Bar.

Review by Kevin / (Posted on 7/28/2019)
5 stars
Fantastic Bar to use for squats for anyone with any shoulder or neck issue. Very solid bar, looks great in my home gym. Must have bar, especially if you have any shoulder or neck injuries. Using it almost every day, very happy. Review by Ernesto / (Posted on 7/23/2019)
worth every penny
i am in Calgary, the shipping took 3 days, very fast. The bar is very solid, the pad is comfortable, way better than elifts version. Right angles. Very well built. I love the bar and i highly recommend it. Review by gino / (Posted on 7/15/2019)
Great bar so far
Great SSB. I m not lifting anywhere near its stated max weight, but the bar works great for me. The spacing between pads is perfect, most of the other bars on the market are too wide also it's very comfortable. The shaft is so thick!! almost twice the regular barbell size. Very solid bar Review by Adam / (Posted on 6/21/2019)
Solid Squat Bar
Very well built, heavy duty, freaking heavy 65-70lb!!! came in 6 days after placing the order. i'm very happy. Recommended!!! Review by TJ / (Posted on 6/16/2019)