The Yoga Stability Exercise Ball by BRONSON is just what you need to strengthen and tone your abs, core, and back. Sit on it at work or at home to improve your posture and strengthen your legs. Use it when you exercise at home or the gym for a variety of balancing, strengthening, and flexibility moves, either on the floor or while standing. 

Here are some exercises you can perform with the Exercise Ball:

  • ball hamstring curl
  • plank holds
  • push-ups
  • chest press
  • squats
  • lunges
  • hip circles
  • ball bicycles
  • … and lots more 

This red 55 cm ball is suitable for users 5’ 5” and less; check out our 65 cm ball if you are between 5’ 5” and 5’ 11”, and 75 cm ball for 5’11” and up.


- An easy way to increase your muscle tone and let go of tension
- Best size for people between 4’ 11” and 5’ 5” in height
- Improves balance, flexibility, and coordination
- Burn extra calories while actively sitting 
- Tone your abs and other major muscle groups
- Increase your flexibility and improve your posture
- Weight capacity 600lb


- Diameter: 55 cm
- Color: Red
- Material: Elastic PVC
- Weight: 2 lb.