Olympic Hex Trap Bar 56” by BRONSON

Build power, strength, and muscle with the BRONSON hex bar. Also known as a trap bar, deadlift bar or shrug bar, a hex bar is a hexagon-shaped barbell that allows you to stand in the middle during your lift. The trap bar has dual-knurled handles on both sides. The knurled texture of the handles gives you a firm, sturdy grip as you lift your weights. The handles also have an easy flip design. To switch grips, just turn the bar over. This bar provides a safer, more efficient way to perform dead-lifts. It’s all about center of gravity and having a mechanical advantage, the bar allows for optimal positioning of the head, back, hands and arms to perform squats like a champ while reducing the amount of strain on the knees hip and back.



-    Diamond knurled handles for a solid grip and comfort.
-    Medium depth knurling
-    Fits 2" Olympic plates
-    Solid steel construction
-    Spring collars included.
-    Chrome finish.


-    Overall Length: 56”
-    Loadable Sleeve Length: 10.5”
-    Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.
-    Hex Bar weight: 45 lbs.


The trap bar deadlift is a major bilateral strength exercise, it is a great invention that allows a deadlift action (weight in the hands) in combination with more of a squat pattern (deep movement of the knees and hips). In effect the bar passes through the body, so the issue of pulling a straight bar off the floor and having to move around the knees is eliminated. This eliminates the shear forces that can make the deadlift problematic for some lifters.

The trap bar can also be used in more of a conventional deadlift pattern (deep movement of the hips with limited knee bend) or a modified straight-leg deadlift pattern. The trap bar is a really valuable tool because it allows bilateral total-body exercise that is safer on the back than squatting when done properly.

The key to understanding why the deadlift may be less stressful on the lower back than squats, strangely enough, relates to shoulder mobility. The compensation for poor shoulder mobility is a lumbar extension. Poor shoulder mobility is a major causative factor in back pain. If an athlete tries to place a bar on the shoulders to squat but lacks shoulder mobility, what does he do? He extends the lumbar spine. If he tries to get his elbows up in a front squat and lacks shoulder mobility, what does he do? He extends the lumbar spine.

Just as the hips and spine are linked, so are the lumbar spine and the shoulders. Next time you have low back pain, don't just look at hip mobility; look at shoulder mobility and at exercise selection. This is why low back pain is less common in the deadlift versus the squat. The elimination of forced external rotation in those who lack it may cause a significant decrease in back symptoms.

The trap-bar deadlift is what called a hybrid exercise, it is simple to learn and safer than the conventional deadlift because of the design of the bar. The diamond-shaped trap bar allows the athlete to begin inside and simply stand up with the weight. Unlike in conventional deadlifts, stress can be kept off the back because an athlete can sit more than lean. The trap bar does not require keeping the bar close to the shins and thus eliminates many of the potential hazards of the conventional deadlift

Customer Reviews

Durable, great for back and learning to deadlift
This is a pretty awesome way to get in your squats / deadlifts at home! I absolutely love this thing... it doesn't hurt my lower back like a normal squat bar does.

It is high quality and very affordable. It fits me perfectly (5 feet 9 inches approximately 180 lbs). Review by Rene A. / (Posted on 12/6/2019)
Balanced and sturdy bar with meaty knurling and good overall welds.
Balanced, solid bar with dual grip heights.. Aggressive knurling, good welds too. Doesn't take up too much space. Not compatible with standard 48" racks, therefore can mainly only be lifted off of the floor...for any rack type of work with neutral grip, swiss bar is recommended. Review by Flave / (Posted on 10/9/2019)
Tested it in the store, looks great Review by Saun J. / (Posted on 9/8/2019)
Excellent hex bar
Great bar. Solid, balanced, good knurling. Review by T.C. / (Posted on 8/8/2019)