The BRONSON PR-01 Squat Cage is an affordable solution for athletes looking to outfit their home gym with a fitness cage that provides strengths and versatility. At 81” tall and 45.5” deep, and bolt-together construction the PR-01 squat cage can fit into any room, garage, or basement.

The BRONSON squat cage is perfect for self-spotting and safety. You can perform all your favorite barbell exercises inside the squat cage. Set the safety rods just below the lowest point of each exercise, the cage will catch the bar should you fail on a bench press or squat for example.   

This squat cage is made of heavy-duty 12-gauge steel 2” X 2” steel tubes and has a rackable capacity of 850 LB.  

The BRONSON squat cage has a laser cut numbered uprights, so it’s easy to put a pin through holes at the same height or to set a pair of J-hooks at the same level. 

Additionally, the squat cage comes equipped with weight plate horns, pin/pipe safeties, padded J-Hooks, and a dual multi-grip pull-up bar (1.25” and 2” grip)

NOTE: The PR-01 Series Squat Cage comes equipped with pre-set holes to fit the Lat Tower Rack Attachment. 

Here is some exercise you can perform with the weight rack:

  • Bench presses
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Pull-ups and chin-ups
  • Shoulder or military presses
  • Leg raises
  • shrugs
  • Dips (dip bars are not included)
  • T-Bar row (landmine and row handle are not included)
  • …and lot more



- 2” x 2” 12-gauge steel tubes.
- 1” hole spacing.
- Black/White matte powder coated finish.
- 1.25” and 2" pull up multi-grip bar.
- A pair of J-hooks and pin pipe safeties are included.
- Lat pulldown attachment is NOT included.



- 850 lb capacity.
- Weight: 163 LB.
- Height: 81”
- Outside width: 46.25”
- Inside width: 42.25”
- Depth: 45.5”

2" x 2" power rack specs