6 Upright Commercial PR-032 Rack by BRONSON

The BRONSON PR-032 6 Posts Power Rack is the perfect solution for athletes looking to outfit their home or commercial gym with a rack that provides strength and versatility. 3" x 3" 11 Gauge fully customizable power rack with 1" hardware. The 4-way laser-cut hole design gives you limitless possibilities in configuring your attachments to suit your space. A great addition to any commercial facility or a home gym.


- 3" x 3" 11-Gauge Steel Uprights
- Numbered laser-cut uprights
- Included: 6  heavy-duty steel uprights
- Included: 8  heavy-duty Weight Plate Holders
- Included: 2 bottom and 2 topside braces
- Included: 1 Back crossmember
- Included: 2 J-Hooks
- Included: 1 Multigrip pull-up bar
- Included: Assembly Hardware


- Uprights Height: 93"
- Height including pull up bar: 96"
- Overall Footprint (Including bolt-down plates): 53 x 59.5”
- Overall Footprint (Including Weight Holders): 53 x 75”
- Finish: Powder-Coated Black
- Material: 11-Gauge Steel
- Rackable Capacity: over 1,500 lb.



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Customer Reviews

Exceptional machine at exceptional price.
This is the beefy foundation piece for a home or commercial gym. The 3x3 inch design permits a wide variety of add ons that prevent the need for gimmicky and space-wasting specialized machines. All commercial gym should have 5 to 10 of these — instead gyms have either one, two or none. With one at home no longer are you victim to those f&@n dimwits that hostage the one cage for 30 minutes - for one exercise.
The lat pull down is a recommended addition. It’s not as smooth as say precor or cybex but with light oil it’s a great add on that takes a small amount of additional room versus a separate machine.
The weight horns can be placed facing back if you lack the width as you are in the pictures.
The bolts have a large 1 3/8 ish head. Two adjustable crescent wrenches work best. It’s possible to erect this beast by oneself although it’s tricky. Temporarily fix the top pull down piece near the bottom. Then fix the top back nameplate to support the two sides. Then move the pull down into its top position.
This hefty well-built piece of machinery is an absolute must have if you’re considering a gym.
Review by Gabe / (Posted on 2/24/2023)