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BRONSON Angled Swiss Bar

The BRONSON swiss bar is your best friend when it comes to pressing and pulling without pain or discomfort. The neutral and angled grips that this multi-grip bar provides, force your elbows and shoulders to adopt a much more anatomically advantageous position which will instantly eliminate any joint issues you might be having. Commonly known as Swiss bar, Football bar or even American press bar, this contraption is designed to last for a lifetime.

Here are some exercises, you can perform with Swiss Bar:

  • swiss bar bench press
  • overhead press
  • shoulder press
  • rows
  • ...and many more


-The 3 different grips set at different widths allow you to work for muscle groups from different angles while reducing stress on your shoulders and wrists. 
-1 set of angled grips (30 degrees) spaced at 10" apart.
-2 sets of neutral grips spaced at 20" and 28.5" apart.
-Fits Olympic weight plates and rackable on standard Power Racks.


- Weight Capacity: 1500 LB
- Bar Length: 82"
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 14.5"
- Black powder coat, collars included
- Weight: 45 LB

BRONSON swiss bar specs