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BRONSON Olympic Super Curl Bar

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BRONSON Olympic Super Curl EZ Bar

The BRONSON Olympic Super Curl Bar is designed to help build upper arm and forearm muscles by its special deep angled design. The deep bends in the bar allow the user to perform curl exercises while reducing stress on the wrists. The bar achieves this by putting your wrists and elbows in a more natural position compared to standard Olympic bars.

          • Chrome Finish

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Specs MM Inches
Grip Diameter 28 1.1
Grip area 812 32
Overall length 1193 47
Sleeve length
177 7
Sleeve diameter 50 2
Weight 8.2kg 18

Customer Reviews

Very affordable and versatile piece of equipment to add to one's home gym!
Great versatile Barbell for a number of body-part exercises including: triceps extensions/press, close grip press, biceps curls/reverse curls, bent over rows, overhead press, upright rows, seated calf raise, pullovers...the list can go on. Very aggressive knurling, ensuring barbell will stay in palms, 30 mm round grip, and rotational weighted ends in order to keep the joints safe. Review by Flave / (Posted on 10/9/2019)