BRONSON Heavy Duty Push / Pull Sleds 


Our commercial-grade sled is designed to let you push heavy without busting your budget. It weighs 70 lbs. with a black powder coating for a better grip. With removable poles, you'll save space when you're not using it. Pop them out when you're done, and set the sled against the wall out of the way. Located on the front and the back of the sled, the 2 welded eyelets allow you to hook up a harness to do sprints or attach a rope to do pulls. The BRONSON push / pull sleds a great addition to any personal or professional gym and is an excellent home fitness solution for any athlete looking to beef up their workout routine.


- Heavy Duty 11 gauge steel
- Dual Plate Horns at 18.5" High
- Black Powder Coated fully welded frame for durability and rigidity
- Breaks down easily for Quick transport or storage


- Weight: 70 lb 
- Dimensions: 45”L x 31”W
- Weight Capacity: 500+ lbs. 


Top 8 Sled Push Benefits

  • Easy to Master 

In comparison to other exercises such as deadlifts, squats or even running, the weight sled push is pretty simple, and accessible to almost anyone, no matter their fitness level. 

  • Builds Muscle 

One of the best ways to build muscle with the BRONSON push sled is to load up to the maximum weight that you can push, and then push it for a short distance (but one that is challenging enough). This way, you’re putting your muscles under the right amount of strain to enable them to grow. If you used a lighter weight and a longer distance, you could still gain some muscle mass but nowhere near as much. The sled push works the calves, core, glutes, quads, hamstrings and more, meaning you’ll develop muscle all over if it’s executed properly. 

  • Burns Calories

Looking to speed up your metabolism and lose some of the extra energy that your body is storing? You’ll be glad to know that the sled push calories burned are huge when it's used as an intense workout. Even if you finish your usual workout with a few sets of this exercise, you’ll be certain to reach new sled push calories burned over a set time period. 

  • Boosts Power and Speed

Speed is best improved with the BRONSON push sled when the weight is heavy enough to prove a challenge, but not so heavy that it prevents the legs from being able to quickly reach a sprint. With this method, you can work on your acceleration which also ties into speed, and perform better in races or during active sports. 

Power is trained in a similar way, and can certainly be improved with regular practice alongside speed training. However, to truly train the power of your entire body, you must use the sled push muscles worked at maximum force. 

The best way to do this with the sled push is to work up to the maximum amount of weight that you can take whilst sprinting, and ensuring that you’re putting your all into the exercise. 

The heavier you manage to go, the more powerful and fast your body will become. The sled push is a great way to achieve both of these things, as many other exercises tend to focus on other components of fitness first. 

  • Acceleration 

Want to pick up your acceleration during sports? With the BRONSON push sled, you’ll be running laps around your competition before they’ve even set off sprinting:)

For the best results, go for a 45-degree angle (your body in proportion to the ground), and use maximum force in each stride (landing on the ball of your foot). 

If you take a look at Olympic sprint competitors and their technique you’ll see that they use their hamstrings and glutes to drive themselves forward. It’s this technique that allows them to be successful, and you should take a leaf out of their book! 

The sled push allows you to drive through these areas and develop the perfect technique to get going as rapidly as possible. 

  • Good for Sports Conditioning 

The fact that the sled push is a full-body exercise makes it great for sports conditioning. 

It can be used for both low and high impact conditioning and modified in multiple ways to fit your sporting needs. The load, rest periods, or time intervals used for the exercise change how it will condition your body, and hopefully you can see how versatile this makes the sled push. 

  • Prevents Injury 

The BRONSON push sled is the answer to all of our prayers when it comes to injury prevention, especially for those who run long-distance or play sports. 

The sled push works extremely well for strengthening areas of the lower body that are missed by other exercises, namely the lower legs, ankles, and feet. This is due to the 45-degree angle that the body is placed at when pushing the sled, and the amount of force that it takes to move it when it’s loaded. If you work these areas regularly enough, they will be less susceptible to injury out on the field. 

  • A form of Active Recovery 

Last on the list of sled push benefits is that the exercise is a great method of active recovery. 

The important thing to remember whilst in recovery is to keep it low-impact. A low-impact sled push exercise will get you to where you need to go through the concentric contractions of the muscles that take place (as opposed to eccentric). This means that you’ll avoid DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and further injury whilst improving blood flow to the damaged tissues. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!  

Customer Reviews

exceeded my expectations
I got these training sleds for myself and kids to train with. Tried it out and it is fantastic. It is simple to tow/push and pretty heavy build. Super easy to assamble. Review by Cedric F. / (Posted on 4/23/2021)