The BRONSON Strap Safety System offers many advantages over traditional Pipe/Pin and flip-down safety bars. These reinforced 3" nylon straps are designed to prevent knurling damage to your bar from any missed lifts. The Bronson Safety straps use heavy-duty bolts to secure straps to the bracket so your safeties will remain perfectly in placeThe quick-change j-hook style bracket design allows for quick installation or strap adjustment - install your Strap Safety System at different heights to have the bar safely roll away from you.


- Compatible with any 3" x 3" Power Racks (30" Depths)
- 3-inch wide reinforced Nylon webbing
- Saves your knurling and bar from scuff or damage
- Fully adjustable heights for either side of the strap
- Slope the strap heights to have the bar roll safely away from you
- Great for rack pulls. Quieter than pipe/pin safeties
- Hardware included
- Sold in pairs


- Strap Width: 3"
- Strap Length: 30"
- Upright Dimensions: 3" x 3"
- Hole Size: 1"
- Color: Black Powder Coat