Heavy-Duty Tricep Rope Cable Attachment

This pulldown exercise rope is made with high-quality nylon and has a shiny black finish, textured grip surfaces, and a hanger in the middle for attaching to the hook or carabiner on your pulldown machine. Each end of the rope is firmly attached to a rubber cap, so your hands will not slip off in the middle of a workout. The tricep rope is fully equipped with textured surfaces for safe and targeted grip positions. Use it to perform various lateral exercises to work out your triceps, back, biceps, shoulders, and more!


- High-quality attachment works with your home gyms, pull down machines, functional trainers, smith machines, and more
- Braided rope hand grips
- Rubber end caps to make it easier to hold
- Perfect for tricep extensions, lateral, back, and other resistance exercises


- Length: 27”
- Diameter: 1”
- Capacity: 1000 lb