Weight Lifting Bars

Weight Lifting Bars


Weight lifting barbells are essential for a home gym or commercial facility. Here at Athlos Fitness, we have an assortment of barbells available for sale to fit your training needs.

We have many options to choose from depending on your level of training.

If you just started your fitness journey and are looking for a budget friendly barbell for your home gym, check out the 700 lb Olympic barbell by Bronson. For $149.99 you will get a full length multipurpose Olympic weightlifting barbell with a shiny chrome finish and bronze bushings sleeve construction.

For the professional athletes, we carry the 7ft CrossFit barbell. Made of High-quality alloy steel these barbells have a 1500 lb capacity. Thanks to the needle bearing construction, the hard chrome sleeves offer an easy and smooth rotation. The lack of centre knurling protects your neck and chest from getting torn while doing cleans or thrusters. The black zinc coating will protect your shaft from corrosion.

For ladies and junior athletes, we have a 15 kg Olympic barbell for sale. These barbells have a shaft diameter of only 25 mm, providing an easier grip for those with smaller hands.

When it comes to the squat, especially with safety and effectiveness in mind, our safety squat barbell is the perfect fit for any athlete! The foam padding provides shoulder support and will make your workout more comfortable. The cambered design increases your body strength and lowers risk of injury.

If you’re looking for a multi grip barbell you should check out our Swiss bar, or football bar. Medium knurled handles provide two neutral grips and one angle grip. With it’s heavy duty construction, the barbell’s weight capacity is 1500lbs.

Our 56” hex bar will help you to work on your deadlift form while saving your spine from injuries.

Build bigger arms with our curl bar. The curled shaft will help you avoid any tension in your wrists and forearms with two needle bearings that provide a smooth spin. The black phosphate coating protects the bar from corrosion and feels very comfortable while training.

Looking to work on your glute, quads, calves, back, shoulders, core, and forearms muscles at one simple movement? In this case our farmer’s walk handles can help. Made of a heavy gauge steel, our bars have a 500 lb capacity per handle. 4 collars that come with the handles will help you to secure the load during exercise. The black powder coat will protect your farmer handle’s from corrosion.