21.1 LB Tactical Plate Carrier Vest

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The BRONSON Plate Carrier Vest was made to improve the range of motion with its body-conforming design. It is made with a superior, durable 500D nylon to withstand all abuse. With adjustable tension bands, the carrier is able to remain stable on athletes of all sizes. The vest is designed to fit firmly but comfortably on your body so that there is minimal movement while doing exercises like burpees, squat thrusts, and even handstand pushups. This vest is great for adding weight to any workout or cardio exercise in your routine.

Here are some exercises you can perform with the weighted west:

  • walking
  • jogging
  • running
  • crunches
  • planks
  • push ups
  • pull ups
  • dips
  • hiking

INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE: The harder you push yourself, the greater the results will be. This is especially true when building muscle and aerobic endurance. The whole point of a weighted vest is to give you an exercise routine that pushes you to the limit. If done enough, you’ll eventually start to see greater strength and endurance.

DON’T ALLOW YOUR MUSCLES TO ADAPT: If you do the same routine over and over again, your muscles will adjust, and you will stop seeing positive results. Wearing a weighted vest will force your muscles to respond by making exercises harder and preventing you from hitting a strength plateau.

HELPS BURN FAT: A Weighted Vest creates a higher oxygen deficiency, which makes your heart beat faster to supply your muscles and lungs with oxygenated blood. This increases the amount of energy your body needs to burn more calories to meet these demands. In the end, this means more calories and fat will be burned.

INCREASES PERFORMANCE: The Weighted Vest is exceptional at helping you improve speed or agility drills. If you run track and want to become quicker, run a couple of miles in a weighted vest. If you’re a running back and want to perform the cone drill faster, try running it with a vest on and see how it makes those muscles stronger.

STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE: Anytime you add weight above your torso, it will help target the abdominal muscles. Even wearing a vest around the house while doing routine will help you target your core. So, imagine doing crunches or planks while wearing one.

BETTER BALANCE AND POSTURE: When your body is constantly adjusting to the added weight that it’s not used to, it is essentially working the same muscle responsible for balancing your body and keeping correct form and posture. Making it easier and a habit to do this when you have the vest off.


- Weight: 2.5 LB vest + 18.6 LB total weight plates
- Made from durable 500D nylon.
- Side airflow panels.
- One-handed quick release.
- Back yoke shoulder pads to distribute weight evenly and prevent friction.
- Water-resistant coating.

 *This item should never be used on its own as protective body gear.


9.2 LBS Total Tactical Weight Plates - Pair

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18.6 LBS Total Tactical Weight Plates - Pair